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Interior Styling  

Our home is the place where we create our best memories, it has to be the place that we love to live in.

My aim is for you to connect emotionally with your home and for it to reflect your LIFESTYLE. I will work with you to create the home you love.

If you need help to start a new home design project or to complete an unfinished redecorating project,  I know how an unfinished home design project can bother us.


My passion for interior design and home organisation reinforces my mission of making life more beautiful and functional, with simplicity and elegance.


Let’s have a chat!


Services Includes 

  • E-Design Consultation 

  • Design Consultation

  • Full Interior Design Service 

I work with the sustainable and budget-friendly design. I aim to source the best price, good quality and eco-friendly. I WILL do my best to make it budget-friendly and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

''A home design without functionality is a home without personality.'' Leticia Cartem 

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