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Staging my home to let 

Staging holiday rentals make a huge impact to attract your guests.  By creating the perfect lifestyle your guests want from their holiday home, they will connect emotionally with the place, feeling a sense of belonging.

Staged holiday rentals are more attractive, helping you achieve a great number of occupancy, no more empty space, even in the low season, it will be a stunning transformation.
We can provide design, sourcing of furniture and accessories, styling as well as professional photography and if you like to go ahead without our hands-on, we can provide full a written report after visiting the property or a Virtual Appraisal with a written report.

The property will be ready to rent and look stunning. 

Image by Josh Hemsley
Image by Josh Hemsley

Services Includes 

  • Online Consultation 

  • Staging Consultation

  • Partial or Full Home Staging Service 

I work with sustainable design and budget-friendly, I will try to use as many of the property belonging as possible, if the property is empty I WILL do my best to make it budget-friendly and avoid any unnecessary expenses. 

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