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New Beginnings

Among all the projects I worked on since I founded Lehome Organiser, I discovered so much about how a home can uplift our happiness. 

Through organisation and design, I decided to go ahead with my passion for interior design, I started my journey and I dove into home staging. My expertise in professional decluttering and organising and interior design is the perfect match to maximise the potential of the property to sell or lease. My aim is to make the project in such a way the potential homebuyers will have an emotional connection to the property.

As a professional interior designer, my mission is to make life more beautiful and functional, with simplicity and elegance. My big inspiration is the Scandinavian design which focuses on SIMPLICITY, NATURAL ELEMENTS, COMFORT AND FUNCTIONALITY; also emphasising sustainability, as my background in Biology makes me strongly care for preserving the environment. 

Scandi living it's a concept and lifestyle centred around living with less, but you don't need to get rid of everything you own: instead, as it is about simplifying your life and keeping quality things that you love and working in line of your habits.

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