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Property Staging to Sell 

It creates an emotional connection and makes the customer experience how it feels like living in that property, exponentially increasing the chance of higher offers and more viewing, expediting the sales.
Staging properties focus on depersonalising the decoration, adding a neutral and conducive environment for the future buyer, and expediting their decision.

I aim to maximise the space, enhance features and create a look appealing to many buyers.

Preparing the home for sale is a great way to get the best from a property and to get buyers in the door. However, it also makes it more difficult for potential buyers to ask for a reduced price when a property is excellently presented. 

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Image by Minh Pham
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Services Includes 

  • Online Consultation 

  • Staging Consultation

  • Partial or Full home Styling Service 

I work with budget-friendly, sustainable design. I will try to use as much of the property belonging as possible, in the case of unfurnished property, I will endeavour to make it budget-friendly and avoid any unnecessary expenses. 

of homebuyers spend more time viewing a home that is staged as opposed to a non-staged home

In 2019 83% of property developers saw an increase in the offer value of a staged property, 33% of which were above 10% of the original asking price!
of estate agents agree that a staged home will sell up to 3 times faster t
than a non-staged home!

Home Staging Association Report 2019

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