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A History of Scandi Living ''LAGOM"

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Lagom is this Swedish concept of Lagom Translated as “just right amount. It means finding the right balance and moderation in every aspect of life. Often you’ll hear other terms used interchangeably, such as simple living, Scandi-Minimalism or Lagomist. However, these other words are generally considered part of the overall topic of Lagom.

History of “Lagom’’

Lagom started gaining popularity in 2017, the Scandinavia trend taking over “Hygge. At that time, very few people were aware of “Lagom”, The Swedish story tells the Vikings already practised that LAGOM.

However, by the 21st century, Lagom was becoming more and more well-known, especially among people who want to live a more meaningful and sustainable life.

At this time, Lagom is also starting to become more familiar. That’s when Lagom started breaking down into the core components we know today, including brands producing skin collections, knitted clothing and furniture based on making life easier, more enjoyable and inexpensive, like IKEA.

Today, Lagom is all about living a life of moderation without overdoing anything. It applies to everything in life, including how you eat, live, shop and work. To a large extent, it was influenced by the Swedish lifestyle. In addition, we’ve learned a lot about

over the years, due to the large number of the dedicated writer as Lola A. Åkerström.

Most notably: The Swedish Secret of Living Well

• Swedish furniture store IKEA has even created its project IKEA Live Lagom community

Overview of the Lagom

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount”.

It can be translated as “in moderation’’, “in balance’’ and “simple life”. Lagom is the culture of less is more.

Lagom is keeping only what makes your ‘balance of the spark joy’ and living a sustainable life.

The Swedish society lives on the concept of balance ‘ not too much, not too little. The Lagom lifestyle helps us live slowly, reducing the global impact. Sweden is considered one of the countries with the happiest population in the world, and the good news is that we do not have to be Swedish to understand and even embrace the LAGOM concept of slow living.

Lagom helps us live with more intention.

In Conclusion Thank you, Vikings and Swedes generations, for teaching us about this concept Lagom. Now today, you can Live Lagom.

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