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Organise your Wardrobe - Step-by-Step and Capsule Wardrobe 2023

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Each day we look inside our wardrobes, choose what to wear and close the doors of the danger zone when it comes to clutter or when we have nothing to wear in our wardrobe.

I will help you to organise your wardrobe. I know you think it is an impossible mission, but I will prove you can do it by following my organisation tips; first, you need to change your approach and mindset to take action, and I will help with that too.

The importance of an organised wardrobe:

1. Be aware of everything you already own, and avoid unnecessary purchases or purchases that will not match anything you have.

2. Maintaining wardrobe organisation is essential for the valuable life of everything we have.


First, try on the clothes, see what fits you, what still works well, what you don't like or is no longer part of your style, leaving only what is essential and what you are sure you will use in the coming months before another declutter. Do the same with accessories. Take into account the excellent condition of all, even your favourite one.

Space optimisation:

  • Separate all knits and blouses that have elastane in their composition to be folded and stored in a drawer.

  • Blouses and shirts made of natural fabrics or with natural fibres in their composition must be hung.

  • For dresses, the ideal is that they stay vigilant and straight, preventing the trims from getting tangled up. If you don't have that possibility, the tip is to put them inside out and store them inside a shoe bag, placing them on a shelf or drawer, as you prefer.

  • A valuable tip is to try to separate the pieces by season. In this way, the organisation of your wardrobe becomes even more functional and practical. For example, leave short-sleeved blouses at the front of the shelf if it's summer. When the season turns to autumn or winter, reverse with sweaters.

Are you the type of person who organises the closet, and in 3 days, it's messy again?

  • The more partition and fewer wide spaces inside the closet, the smaller the chances of everything getting tangled up and becoming that mess!

  • Another critical point is avoiding putting poorly folded clothes back where they were taken.

  • Patience and discipline are two words that go together when it comes to keeping the closet organised.


What are the benefits?

  • Avoid stress when looking for clothes.

  • Save your time when getting ready.

  • Help you have optimised space with visible clothes.

  • Facilitator when matching garment.

  • Avoid consumerism.

My Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a set of clothing pieces that complement each other. These are usually classic pieces and neutral colours, so you should have a capsule wardrobe.

  • Fewer expenses.

  • Less stress when deciding what to wear.

  • Wear only what you like to wear.

  • Easy to maintain the organisation.

  • More sustainable.

Have you ever thought about having a wardrobe that is your face, that everything you have in it you like to wear and even with a few pieces you can make several combinations, well this is my choice!

So get to it, and soon you too will enjoy a tidy wardrobe.

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