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Home Declutter Questions

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

These are the answers to my frequently asked questions about decluttering my home.

Every day my inbox is flooded with questions about decluttering. People want to know how to do a home declutter. They want to know how to keep a tidy home, and they’re trying to figure out how to keep it tidy without spending much time tidying up.

Chances are, you probably have these same questions, and you’ve probably even spent some time on blogs, forums and the internet trying to get answers. The problem is you keep getting conflicting answers, right?

For example, pop onto any decluttering forum and ask how to do a home declutter.

I guarantee that you’ll get conflicting advice. For example, some people will tell you to start sorting it by room by room. Another group will advocate that you begin decluttering your clothes. And to make it extra confusing, you might even get a few people telling you to do something entirely different to solve the problem.

That’s why I compiled this list of frequently asked questions.

I wanted to ensure you got the right advice from someone who’s successfully navigated the world of living with less clutter. Read on...

Q1. What is the best way to start decluttering my home?

A. First, make a plan and take notes about what benefits will achieve from this decluttering project; you need to change your approach and mindset to declutter successfully.

Q2. Hiding a professional declutter & Organiser is expensive. Is there a cheaper way to get the same results?

A. You can do it yourself, but I highly recommend you ask for help from a family member or a friend. You can’t do it all.

Q3. What’s the easier way to complete the decluttering process?

A. Make the process easier by breaking it down into rooms or areas and the specific functions of those rooms.

Q4. Whenever I try to declutter my home, I struggle to get rid of things. How can I avoid this in the future?

A. If you’re struggling to get rid of things because of their financial value, you can try to sell them, but it will demand time. The clutter will remain in the home, so I highly recommend focusing on the benefits of having an organised and tidy home will also reduce time cleaning and will boost your well-being.

Q5. I’ve been trying to reduce my belonging for several months but have not seen good results. What am I doing wrong?

A. We’re probably keeping too much stuff, and you’re taking a large mission where you’re not finishing up, which makes you feel overwhelmed and give up.

Q6. I have little time to tidy my home because of work, family and social responsibilities. What do you suggest I do?

A. In conclusion, you need to focus on creating a place for everything, but keep it simple; it could be a cabinet to put shoes in the hallway, but keep in mind less is more ‘’ Lagom’’.

At last, you finally know the TRUTH about decluttering, living with less and Tidying up. And that means you can now declutter and organise your home more confidently because you’re armed with the knowledge you need to succeed. See you at the top!

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